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As a Trivadis Project Manager, I am able to schedule my appointments freely myself. This is very important to me, as it allows me to have a good balance between work and leisure activities. For example, I can exercise and recharge my batteries whenever the weather seems to be good.

Of course, sometimes customers call with an urgent query when I’m not in the office. For example, a few weeks ago I sat in the sky lift when I got a call. No problem, thanks to modern communication and a great team. Before the lift had even reached the top of the mountain, I had talked to my team and organized the change request. At the same day, the customer was able to approve the new release and I was able to spend a few more hours snowboarding the Swiss Alps.

Working for Trivadis, the flexibility and freedom is very special to me. My name is Alexander Papezik and it would be great if you joined the team!



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