Travelling Glaus
Travelling Glaus
Travelling Glaus

Gaining experience.


I’ve always been driven by freedom and a desire for new things. As a Business Intelligence Associate Consultant at Trivadis, not only can I often choose when and where I work, but I’m always familiar with the latest state of the art through in-service training courses, conferences and events. My last project was...

But my curiosity keeps driving me and so I had a talk with my colleagues about how I would like, for once, to travel very far away to get to know the world, gain new impressions, gather experience and continue my personal development. I'm very grateful that Trivadis has given me an opportunity to travel the world by taking a one-year sabbatical and I will make the most of the leeway this gives me. This can’t be taken for granted and I’m pleased about the trust they've shown in me.

My name is Philippe Glaus and I’m looking forward not only to meeting my colleagues when I get back but also to meeting many new co-workers.


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