We train every day.
We train every day.
We train every day.

We train
every day.


Working for Trivadis means being fast, flexible, and competent. This is what our customers expect from us. But this is only possible, if we are a very well-coordinated team. This way, we can achieve together what a single person would not be able to.

Trivadis gives us a lot of freedom. We use this and try out our ideas, develop stuff, but also trash ideas, reinvent and just discuss our favorite topics. We work in teams which are not only based in one, but several locations, and consist of many different characters and backgrounds. This way, we are right where and how our customers need us.

We are Sven Lau (Senior Consultant) from Basel and Adrian Herzig (Business Developer) from Zurich. When we are meeting, we are competing! What looks like playing frees our minds, sharpens our reactions, enhances our communication and leads us to new ideas. Want to join the team? We are always looking for new training partners who are able to keep up with our standards.

Wir trainieren täglich hart